Woonungarah Chinnup

  • First Nations Traditional

4:00 pm

‘Chinnup - (Winter) June.  Season of Cockatoos, early wildflowers, cold climate, between June/July, morning frosts, bleak mists, freezing winds – coldest time of the year.  Possum skins and Kangaroo skins worn.                 

Amos Roach Directs and performs in this latest seasonal offering of the Kulin Nations songs and dances.

This Season is Whale Season and special guests the Yarrabah Dancers join the Murrundaya Yepengna Orchestra to perform their Whale songs and dances – ‘Woonungarah’ with the dances of Winter, ‘Chinnup’. These Songlines stretch from Yarrabah to Bunurong Country, following the journey of the whale migration along the Coast.

The Orchestra, performs the ancient songs and music, led by Amos Roach playing Yidaki with clap sticks, clarinet and other instruments accompanied by the dancers be prepared for your soul to sing and your spirits rise in this stunning contemporary performance of First Nations Culture.

Sunday 26 June

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