• Hip Hop

6:00 pm

Raised on the shores of Bondi Beach in a single mother household to a Jewish family, Freeds
discovered early on that creativity was something that lived within him, whether it be through
drawing, playing piano or scribbling poems.

Freeds has had a tendency to jump around a lot, lacking the ability to walk a straight line, but his
connection to music has always been the constant thread. When listening to his songs, it’s
apparent he’s an incredibly self-aware artist. For the better part of ten years, Freeds has been
grinding away in the city of Melbourne, forming his own identity - one that sheds light on his
journey through struggles with mental health and dependency. Ultimately the message
conveyed through his music is one of optimism.

With a childlike aesthetic, the sound of Freeds floats across genres but lands its roots in
hip-hop. It finds the balance between live instrumentation, samples, playfulness and raw
emotion. Drawing comparisons to G-Flip, Rex Orange County & Chance The Rapper, the
songwriting is mature, the melodies are catchy, the flows are versatile, and the word-play is

Friday 24 June

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